Every Victory Counts

We are proud to support the Davis Phinney Foundation's effort to educate and inspire the Parkinson's community to live well with Parkinson's and take a more active role in their care with the Every Victory Counts™ program (www.everyvictorycounts.org) and manual on living well with Parkinson's. In fact, both of us have contributed to the manual for the program.

Every Victory Counts will engage and empower you at all ages and stages of Parkinson's with resources including a progressive, interactive manual that will be of constant value over the course of time. In addition to covering the medical aspects of living well with Parkinson's through leading movement disorder experts, the most powerful lessons of Every Victory Counts come from more than 50 people with Parkinson's who share their stories, which touch on many key topics, such as: diagnosis, family, exercise, medication, deep brain stimulation, intimacy, and the importance of humor.

The manual is also highly interactive with more than 15 worksheets designed for communicating with healthcare professionals, family, friends and co-workers, as well as building personal action plans in areas of high interest for people with Parkinson's. The three-ring binder format enables users to include articles of interest, medical reports, information from medical visits, as well as updates from the foundation that will be provided to enhance future health care decisions.

The new manual features information, tips and tools in areas such as:

  1. Parkinson's diagnosis and management at all ages and stages, including Young Onset Parkinson's disease

  2. Exercise, diet and nutrition

  3. Emotional health, including depression and intimacy

  4. Caregiver/care partner guidance

  5. Hospital stays and emergency room visits

  6. Parkinson's resources

  7. More than 15 worksheets to stimulate action and information-sharing

  8. Medical appointment planning, contact information, symptom diary, medication log and appointment checklist

The manual also includes a thorough review of self-care and medical treatments, including medications and deep brain stimulation surgery.

In addition to the Every Victory Counts manual, you also will receive: 1) quarterly manual updates; 2) DVDs highlighting new research presented at the Davis Phinney Foundation's Victory Summit series of symposia and exercises that can help people with Parkinson's to live well today; and, 3) an inspirational video by Davis Phinney.

The Every Victory Counts program is available for a donation of $22.50 and can be ordered online at www.everyvictorycounts.org or by calling 1-877-279-5277. All program proceeds will support Davis Phinney Foundation-funded Parkinson's research and educational programs.